In my effort to eat more healthy, and offer better options also for my husband,¬† I’m always open to trying out new food that I come across with. On a recent trip to the health food store, I stumbled upon this butter alternative.
Melt is an organic, vegan, gluten free, trans fat free and soy free butter alternative. I was very excited to try this out. It tasted good, creamy and rich. However, it did not taste like butter, as far as I’m concerned. Something was missing. I actually don’t know if I can ever find one that really taste like butter, the real deal. Whenever I crave for real butter, it brings me back to the butter that I grew up eating – the Anchor brand, imported from New Zealand which my Mom used to get from the PX store. There’s nothing quite like it among the alternatives.

Recently, I bought and tested Anchor butter from New Zealand sourced from the health food store. However, it was unsalted so the taste wasn’t quite the same. Okay, I cheated. I just wanted the real deal.

In fact, my search for a butter alternative¬† is still ongoing for as long as there are new products out there. I guess, I’m really not that happy going for alternative butters but because I want to cut down fat intake, I’m continuously using the alternatives. I say… good luck to me. I hope one day, I will really stumble upon one that matches my palate.



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