Saturday Jaunt — 8 Comments

  1. Of course I can tell! That’s your own trademark, Te J! For the win! Hahaha! Ikaw na nga ang expert dyan. Hehe! Ang ganda naman ng bahay! It’s so cozy!!! Is it a table behind the couch in between the mirror?

    BTW, I am curious if the little boy is Pinoy? Hehe!

  2. @ Lainy
    Ikaw na! You have such keen eyes. Yes, that is a sofa table. I was not there when it was purchased and they picked a good piece but the wrong height kasi dapat hindi kita Ang top ng table if you get the right size. Rinemedyuhan na Lang Ang we agreed we make do with it. The boy is not pinoy. Ako Lang Ang pinoy dyan. They’re all Hispanic 🙂

  3. Awww… I always like the way of connecting and catching up with good friends, it’s nice to just relax and enjoy

  4. I am always busy with household chores and it was such a relief when a good friend called for a quicl meet up. I guess we really need to go out and meet friends once i a while. It brings our sanity back.

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