The First Of A Few This Summer — 12 Comments

  1. Te J!!!!

    I feel so accomplished today for being able to visit your blog after a long time of absence 🙂

    It’s refreshing to read your updates although you’ve mentioned all these to me previously. Also, the photos say it all! You nailed it! You always have fabulous taste so hands down! Opting to hire a caterer was clever. No stress so walang away. Hahahaha! 😉

    And yeah! Better to conceal the identity of the guests para walang drama, hehe. Andami kong relate sa posts na eto. LOL!

    Sumilip lang ako saglit. Kagagaling lang namin sa ospital, wala pang tulog ang Lola mo. Huhu! 🙁

  2. Wow, awesome job in the beautiful party setting. I don’t like throwing parties myself so Iunderstand completely but you are far better than what I can pul up lol.

  3. I loved drinking either socially or get-together with friends and other relatives. The feeling when I drink while conversing give much sense when I’m in normal state. But, as time passed, I’ve learned how to deal with it as a mature person.

  4. nice love the flowers and the intimate dining setup you have there. Pretty nice to have someone close share the joys with u.

  5. the wine with plum, it’s interesting! I bet it tastes different and yummy to be exact. Anyway, I also like the setup of your dining. Sure you guys had a wonderful gathering.

  6. I love the setting, I love the food (I can virtually taste them just by looking at their sumptuous photos!), I love the Honest Tea (one of my faves!)!

    Just like you, my parents didn’t pass that “party-person” gene to me. My brother and sister both got them but never me. I can’t handle big crowds nor entertaining at home. My husband loves parties though. I love quiet weekends. If we need to entertain, I’d rather that we take them out for dinner. 🙂

  7. Staying at home will really lose our time management skills and setting up a table like that is quite an achievement. You did great on that.

  8. I am impressed with your flower arrangement skills. The flowers just looks so beautiful. I am hopeless when it comes to flower arrangement. I always ask my mom-in-law to do it for me. I just buy the flowers. Lol!

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