What Goes Around Comes Around

What do you do when you come back to your parked car and see that someone inflicted damage to it?


Add to that the fact that your car is just two months old. It’s infuriating to say the least. This happened to us in the summer. This was not the first time that it happened to us, but I felt the same way just like the first time. Perhaps because the car was just two months old versus our previous vehicle which was more than two year old at that time when it got damaged. The damage was bigger however on the previous vehicle.

So off we went to the dealership’s body repair division to get an estimate. Yes, just an estimate because we haven’t done anything with it, the damage is still there. Claiming from our insurance is out of the question. As most of us know, the more you claim, the potential for a higher premium at the time of insurance renewal is more apparent. Husband and I had a big disagreement over this because I would have loved to have the bumper replaced ASAP but he’s so adamant not to do it because he’s thinking that it can happen again.



Living in the big city comes with its pros and cons. This is definitely one of the cons. People are in a hurry all the time, you know – that New York minute. But whether in a hurry or not, I wish drivers are more responsible and most of all compassionate and honest. From the way the damage looks, it seem to have been unintentionally inflicted. It was more of lack of ability to estimate the distance. It was  wishful thinking for me, but it would have been so nice if the driver left us a note and left his contact detail but it didn’t happen. Maybe, in his driving lifetime, going back to a damaged parked car has not yet happened to him. I’m just glad that I’m all over the grief from this incident. Looking back, it was not worth feeling aggravated. Karma is a b**** and nowadays, karma comes back in a New York minute.

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