Worth Every Penny

After my husband and I got married, I moved in with him in his place on a high rise here in the Big Apple. I must say, I had a seamless move (from Long Island to NYC) and it was relatively easy because I didn’t have to haul any furniture with me other than my almost new king size mattress. We ditched his old mattress and kept his frame and headboard. We decided however to hire a professional mover because I wanted to ensure that all of my personal stuff were handled properly.

It’s been almost 16 years since we got married. So many things have transpired, we have moved and tackled a complicated renovation (gutted the whole place) once, we’ve gained and lost weight (lol), we’ve traveled far and wide and been to countries that many consider as must-see destinations, we’ve gained new friends, we’ve also lost friends permanently courtesy of that thing called ‘death’ as well as that thing – ‘we simply didn’t click and drifted apart’, we’ve lost family both from again that thing called ‘death’ and simply because the separation is inevitable due to deep seated issues. If you think that it’s unfathomable that this can happen, think again. I’m now a witness of it and it’s so beyond me. People around us privy to what’s going on labled it as a tragedy.

Of all those changes, there’s one thing that stood out to be the most pleasant, and both me and my husband regret that we have not done it a lot sooner. That’s none other than ditching my mattress and switched to a Tempur-Pedic.

My mattress that I brought in with me when I moved in with my husband was relatively new. I had a Beautyrest Plush Pillowtop, and while it was a great mattress, we both felt it was time to replace it. It is recommended to replace mattress every 10 years (though I don’t know if people really do that) but we didn’t do it. I spent a substantial amount of money on it and 10 years was just too soon to let go of it. So on it’s 15th year (last year), we replaced our Beautyrest and invested on a bed that’s not only luxurious, but now I can attest it does really promote better sleep. It’s cost prohibitive but it’s all worth it. Not feeling when my husband tosses and turns a hundred times – that alone is awesome, plus the support is just prime.

At the time of purchase they threw in 2 free pillows. It was a nice freebie I must say. Why it had to be 1 king and 1 queen sized pillow instead of 2 king is beyond me. But hey it was free. So, I kept my mouth shut and walked away with the great deal that we got.

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