Saturday Jaunt

I’m updating once again with another flashback. Don’t worry, this post is one of the last few that will take you back into summer 2015.

Twas the weekend of Pope Francis’s visit to New York. It was one windy day, a bit cold but pleasant, with the sun shining brightly. We went about with our usual Saturday routine which means, we attended the anticipated Mass too. With temps a bit balmy, I had the perfect idea of donning my denim duster coat.

See my hair going in different directions? That was the wind blowing.




At the lobby of the church, there was the life-size replica of Pope Francis. The ushers in church coaxed us to pose right beside the replica which we gamely did.

Dinner was at Fuciaana. It was one of the few occasions that I had a head shot taken. I normally just take snaps of the food. I don’t know what got to me but it was what it was.


This is actually the last of the SJ series for summer of 2015. So I’m sure you will not see me much in my succeeding posts. Till next summer 🙂

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