Saturday Jaunt

While it’s freezing here in the Big Apple, I’m here continuing to document what happened last summer. Yes, I have been that neglectful in updating this blog, but I’m trying my best to ‘catch up’. In the meantime, please bear with my stale posts (this and many more to come).

It was one of those Saturdays when I was kind of lazy to put together a decent outfit. I saw this denim top, and as though it was a no brainer, I went for one of my denim skirts. Denim on denim? (fashion police, please don’t shoot me lol). I must have written it here before that I’ve learned from fashion experts that denim on denim is good as long as there’s variation in color (dark and light). In my attempt to pull off a well put-together outfit, my Brooks Brothers espadrilles and tote bag completed my get-up.



After attending the anticipated mass, we went to dinner at Pho Hoai. We skipped dessert. There was no more space in our bellies.

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