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  1. Mine is not up for renewal on my birthday but a week after my birthday (if it’s a weekday) and I have a CT license. My license is not conditional or suspended or restricted. I guess it depends on the state, just like professional licenses.
    Well, that snail-paced speed can be frustrating, I hear ya. But I understand it is important and mandatory to observe that speed in the big city with high traffic of people . In the suburbs , such as towns here in CT, we observe between 15 to 40 depending on what town. Here in our place, 30 is the max, and 20 for school zone.
    Well, just drive safe on the road, and listen to fave tunes while driving at a turtle -speed <3
    bree hatfield´s last post… WORKS OF ART FROM MY TALENTED FRIENDS: PART 2 Crafts

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