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  1. Ang ganda-ganda! Parang dalaga lang! 🙂

    I am so green with envy with your sleeping- in routines, Te J! I can hardly do that even on weekends! The good thing is that I am getting used to my sleeping pattern recently: 7- 8 hours. I have always been so sleep-deprived since I discovered blogging even when I did not go to work last year. At least, I no longer feel groggy at work. Yon nga lang, di nako makakapag-update ng blogs. Di bale 🙂

    I showed to SJ last night the rates of detail services, Te J. He said it’s almost the same rate here but mostly depends on the model of the car and what kind of work needs to be done.

    I can imagine Sexie looking so sleek than ever after the wash! More SJ posts pleaseeee! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

  2. @ Lainy
    Pwede bang play pretend and I say – “dalaga pa po ako” bwahaha.

    Sagana ako sa tulog but palagi naman ako nagmamadali. I have to find the right balance. I miserably fail in time management.

    Good to know, at least may kapareho ang rates dito sa NY. Everything is ala-carte. Before we know it, ang laki na ng bill hahaha. But since we had Sexie, determined talaga kami to go to hand wash car wash lang. Madalas kasi when they pre-clean the cars using brushes sa automated car wash, the body gets mini dings.

  3. Wish I could have the luxury of sleeping in during the weekends (or weekdays, whatever!) Haha. You don’t have to worry about being “bloated.” Keep in mind that men love full-bodied women, as they say “women with more meat on their bones.” (wink!)
    Eileen´s last post… My Happy Rainbow

  4. I love reading your detailed updates Sis J! Like you, I am uber busy as well and it has been quite a hiatus for me. Moving was stressful but we are now feeling settled so little by little, I am adjusting to our new lifestyle here in Texas. Anyway, does Sexie and our minivan have the same color? It looks like, but maybe just in the photo. I just thought it’s cool. 😀

    That trip outside the home that you did sounds and looks relaxing to me! 🙂
    Rcel´s last post… We are Home!

  5. I can relate to the lack of time in working on our blog posts. Sigh! I wish I could write more, but like you, there’s hardly any time left in my day to attend to the needs of my family, do household chores, and do my online work.
    Maria Teresa Figuerres´s last post… First Week of 3rd Grade

  6. Nice to be back here again ading J and see your SJ series. I’ve been too busy and lazy to blog lately. You look great as always and looks like you put on a little weight. I think mas bagay sa yo. Like you, I also sleep and wake up when I want to. That’s the advantage of having no kids to look after but you know what? Sometimes I’m thinking of adopting a toddler but hubby said he’s too old to raise a kid, lol!
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