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  1. Never mind if the icing has melted. Just by the looks of it, super mouthwatering talaga sya! Just imagine the sacrifice F went through, just for you as he held those lovely flowers on one hand and the fabulous package of cupcakes on the other.. parang papanhik ng ligaw! how sweet! …Ikaw na, J! Lol!

    Tama, enough of those gifts! Just that simple act of thoughtfulness could melt your heart like those icing on your cupcakes! 🙂

    Keep smilin’!
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  2. @ Tita Beng

    The icing didn’t go to waste anyway. Just imagine me scooping them out from the box with my fingers. Dugyot di ba? Hahaha. A for effort talaga ang mamang manliligaw kasi ang bigst yung vase ng bulaklak. Sa kasamaang palad, lanta na sila ( lol).

    Thanks for stopping by Tita B. tapos na ba annual mo?

  3. Magandang umaga po! I like peonies kasi parang ang daming bulaklak kahit isang piraso lang….parang hydrangea ba. Bow naman ako sa mister at talagang pinagbigyan ang parang naglilihing misis [parang lang…hehe].

    How’s your weekend? Kami pa relak relak syempre.

    Enjoy the rest of it.

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  4. @ Tuks

    Ang aga mo! Gumising ako today at 12:30 p.m. Correction pala, gising ako practically all night. Ewan ko ba mukhang ini-imagine ko hitsura nung matanda kasi. Malapit na ako mag-complaint kasi kada Sabado eh dun ang destinasyon samantalang yung magaling na kapatid ay isang beses pa lang nagpakita.

    Ang bango nga nung bigay ng mama hehe. Wish ko na lang yang paglilihi, at milagrong malaki yan pag nangyari hihi.

    Ang init dito parang sa inyo. Pero I didn’t go out hanggang veranda lang ako.

  5. @ Lainy

    Ang takot lang niya if the request is denied hahaha.

    I don’t think the cupcakerie is available beyond the US just yet. The 1st outlet opened in DC and they have been slowly spreading around US. Loves ko sila, just the right amount of sweetness on the icing and the cake.

    Thanks for your time and sending hugs back to you.

  6. Belated Happy 13th! Those cuppies look delish. Nevermind if the icing melted. 🙂 We’re going 13th this yr too. Ako naman cake is always something I find sweet din during special occasion. Ewan ko ba kahit super hint na ko sa hubs ko, once lang yata pinagbigyan. Haha! 🙂
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  7. I agree, it has something to do with the weather. Oh! How I wish I could taste that, it looks yummy (with or without icing)

  8. How lovely those flowers are! My hubby and me are not the “gifting” kind, not by choice but by financial constraints. Haha. We delight in just spending time together and making something special for dinner – like ordering two boxes of party size pizzas. 🙂 (BTW, those cupcakes look delish, with or without icing on top!)
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