Life Post Hurricane Sandy

It’s been more than three months since hurricane Sandy slammed the Big Apple. On our side of the world, life has never been the same again. With so much infrastructure to repair, we are not yet living normal like the way we used to be.

We still have scheduled power failures. Out of the six elevators in our building, only three are currently working, and one of the five high rise in our property is still powered by generators. It didn’t help that in that building, there was a fire of unknown cause a few weeks ago. The recovery teams have long been gone, the dehumidifiers are now nowhere to be seen and the lobby has been re-painted although, I don’t see the elaborate painting techniques on the walls like it used to be.

Aside from being displaced from our home for almost three weeks, our biggest lost from the storm was our vehicle – Cordie, a 9 year old Honda Accord V6 with 18, 000 miles on it (barely used considering the age). Thank God, we have full coverage  car insurance in effect, so we were able to get it’s booked value, which was fairly awesome 🙂  .  We have since moved on from Cordie to Sexie. After a few weeks of waiting, we were more than happy to welcome this ‘baby’ right before Christmas. When our Client Advisor informed us that Sexie was already at the barge (all the way from Germany), we made an appointment so we can finally accept the delivery and turn over our rental car.

Okay, Sexie was not my choice (make and model) as well as the color. It was my husband’s. Orange is his favorite color (for me, orange is just nice) and he didn’t mind forking out a bit more to get the color that he prefers. I only had something to say about the choice of optional features.


It’s been a few weeks since we had Sexie and we still haven’t gotten used to driving without engaging a key into the ignition. I still find myself reaching for a key to turn off the engine, only to realize that all I need to do is press the button. The Comfort Access System finally put an end to searching for my car key in my handbag and pocket because the unique key is recognized remotely by the comfort access sensors within 1.5 meters. I simply touch the door handle and the door unlocks, and all doors automatically lock  by pressing the exterior door handle.


The Automatic engine start/stop function helps save fuel and it’s really good for the kind of traffic that we have here in New York. The system switches off the engine during a stop, and the engine starts automatically when you drive away. It just sounds weird though because the engine goes off even on a red light. I feel paranoid sometimes, so I end up deactivating it especially during short runs.


And, we are driving without a spare tire too. With BMW’s run flat tire, the tires continue to perform their function even if all air pressure is lost. The heat-resistant rubber compound is able to withstand additional heat build-up so you can continue driving for up to 150 km at a speed of up to 80 km/h without any significant loss in vehicle stability.

Heated seats (just like Cordie) come in handy, and the heated steering wheel is a delight during these wintry months (something Cordie didn’t have).


And the microfilter(removes dust and pollen from incoming air) is awesome for allergy sufferers like me.

sexieTo me, there’s no better car accessory than this citrine rosary (crafted by a breast cancer survivor) given as a gift to me by my SIL all the way from the Philippines.


And for my Holiday present from my husband, he got me something that matches Sexie’s color…

goyard st. louis tote

goyard st. louis totegoyard st. louis tote

An orange Goyard St. Louis tote.

goyard st. louis tote

See? He loves orange!


Life Post Hurricane Sandy — 20 Comments

  1. Nice! Both the ride and purse….hehe. Daming upgrades ni Sexie kasi naman 10 yrs old yung pinalitan nya eh….sooner or later you’ll get used to ‘her’ I’m sure.

    Anyway, I saw in the news about that storm heading your way. Hanu ba yan? Ingat kayo dyan hane? Hopefully di kayo gaanong matabunan ng snow. Yung ibang places daw…New England area eh baka daw 2 ft of snow. Asus!

    Ganun pa man….enjoy the weekend…kahit nakakulong kayo sa bahay….better be warm than cold, di ba? hehe…

    Tuks´s last post… Another Week…

  2. @ Tuks
    oh how I wish umabot si Cordie ng 10 years. kaka-9 lang niya when her karburador died at sumalangit ang kanyang kaluluwa (LOL). we really wanted to keep it for 10 years dahil ang baba ng mileage (18,000 miles) but Sandy took her away. si asawa hindi niya type masyado si Sexie. baka ito ay madali ang buhay sa amin hehe. halata ba na ako ang may gusto talaga? kaya nga pinabayaan ko siya sa kulay at options para walang masabi. mas madali siguro for him kung hindi ako nagmamaneho kasi siya lang ang masusunod.

    yes, we are in the middle of a blizzard. kakatakot ang hangin and snow is falling na parang walang bukas. F came home early kaya mas relaxed na ako.

  3. Ang bongga ni Sexie! Bagay sya dyan kasi New Yorker sya eh! E pag dito sa MetroManila, nakoh.. ewan ko lang kung di ka kabahan sa daan pag drive mo yan! Hyperactive pa man din ang mga carnappers dito! Lol!

    Lovely tote bag! Alam na alam ni F ang type mo huh?

    Relax and keep warm. Enjoy the snow. ehe hehe..
    Tita Beng´s last post… Family Birthday Dinner at Don Cuisine

  4. @ Tita B
    mga carnappers nga daw dyan sobrang active. dito bihira but ang hyperactive dito mga motorista.

    si F kaya alam, kasi matanong at makulit tapos may listahan yan. parang ordinaryong usapan yan at hindi mo ramdam na nag-i-inquire na pala.

    ang snow hindi na ma-enjoy kasi ang dumi na tapos masyadong slushy ang kapaligiran.

  5. Sis, I am glad to be finally back here after a long time 🙂 Ang “Sexie” talaga. Bagay na bagay sa may-ari 🙂 Ang cool lang ng tote! Same ata kami ng color preference ni darling hubs mo. I love orange too, hehehe! Ang sweet nya Sis at sobrang generous. You do deserve it and more.

    I hope everything’s fine there. I am yet to send a reply to your email 🙂

    Love and hugs,

  6. @ Lainy
    sana lang kasing-“sexie” ko sya hahaha. yayyy!!! that’s good to know, pareho kayo ng color pref ni F. it is indeed a lively and attractive color.

    we’re ok naman here, thanks. take your time Sis. I know for sure that you are busy as a bee nowadays.

    sending you my hugs too.

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  8. Witweewww!!!

    I like the name Sexie but I like the her body and make all the more. Looks like this one is a dream car for me. I like the idea of just pressing a button whenever you need to stop the engine. Orange is not a bad color for a car, after all 😉

    The purse is also fab and looks like hubby is really generous. I’m glad that you have somehow overcame Sandy.
    Rovie´s last post… Happy Moments with Mommy

  9. Ah! Now I remember- Sexie was Cordie’s replacement! Ang hitech lang talaga! Si kuya F oh, maka-orange. Magkakasundo kami! I always think of orange as bright and beautiful! Hihihi!

    So how is Sexie faring after almost a year, Te J? Pinapagaan talaga ni Kuya F ang buhay mo kasi puro pindot nalang hihihi!
    Lainy´s last post… A Love So Divinely Designed Part 2

  10. your post makes me fall in love with orange, despite that is not one of my favorite colors 🙂

    wow, did not know about these newer features of bmw, glad to know though. ours is 9 years old, but don’t ask about mileage, your 18,000 miles for 9 years can’t be beaten, haha, though 9 years old and has so much mileage, yet it still is in very good condition, and not giving us any major trouble. but nevertheless, excited to learn of those newer features such as the comfort access system

    ps….love the names of your cars, cordie and sexie, and love also the tote and sexie’s look, like what i said, i am starting to see joy in orange now 🙂
    betchai´s last post… Fitness Tips for 2014

  11. @ Daphne
    thanks for liking Sexie 🙂

    @ Rovie
    It’s very easy and convenient but it takes a while to get used to the newfangled features. thanks for liking both Sexie and the bag. 🙂

    @ Nova

  12. @ Lainy
    Yes, tama ka. Oh yes, orange is his favorite color talaga. Sexie has been nothing but awesome and great. But like I mentioned in an answer to a comment below, husband is not that in love with Sexie. He is in love with the color alright, but take it or leave it siya. Kaya sabi ko nga mukhang hindi magtatagal si Sexie. Last year gustong ibenta pero sabi ko hindi kasi lugi kami.

    @ Chubskulit
    Nope, that is hubby’s color preference, not me. The make and model is choice.inagbigyan lang ako kaya I gave in din sa kulay 🙂

  13. @ Mhie
    I’m not worried 🙂

    @ Betchai
    I tell you, his love for orange has rubbed off on me. But I’m not us in love as he is haha.

    With Sexie mukhang we’ve been more inspired to drive. After a year, we logged 3,000 miles na unless tatamarin ulit which is pretty much the norm for the past two months. Husband takes the subway to work kasi that’s why Sexie lies idle for days on end most of the time. Hindi naman kasi ako gala. With the low mileage ni Cordie, it was to our advantage when it was totaled because we got the full booked value. Yup, madaming new features ang bmw. Yung car namin na mas matanda kay Cordie ay BM din pero walang pangalan yun kasi hindi ko nabinyagan dahil kay hubs pa yun nung binata pa hihi. Wala pa kasi ako nung araw ng binyag (LOL).

    Thanks for loving the names, the color orange and the tote. Di ba nga Pantone’s color of the year ang orange nung 2012.

    @ Joanne
    Thanks 🙂

  14. Sis! Sexie is so gorgeous! Haaay kailan pa kaya ako makakapag-drayb ng BMW? LOL. Anyway, Our vehicle is also orange, but it’s not exactly the same like yours. The manufacturer has it labeled as Mango Tango. Lol. Sandy is now a history and I am so glad you have recovered from its devastation with positive spirits! 🙂
    Rcel´s last post… What to Consider Before Your Next DIY Project

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