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  1. Oh, yeah! Share it! But make sure you only mention the name of the blogs and not make it a link. No point in giving away traffic and PR juice.
    Let’s all skin that copy cat!

  2. na naman? ouch!!! grabe talaga yang copy-cat na yan. di na talaga natuto. di pa daw niya alam bakit banned na sya sa ppp. hello??? sana nga, ma-ban na sya sa lahat ng paid blogging sites. matanong nga sis kung sino tong another blogger na kinopyahan nya? i’m curious. paki-offline nalang sa YM kasi wala talaga akong natanggap sa e-mails. 🙂 thanks in advance! hehe…

    recels last blog post..Un-traveling Me

  3. hi sis!

    a friend just told me about it earlier and gave me the link. and really, i was shocked to know that it’s the same person. grabe! as in! nandun pa sa post ang screenshot ng blog niya. ano ba yan! kakahiya! alam niya na kaya ito? na nahuli na siya? sana lang may magsabi sa kaniya. hee hee.

    Lynns last blog post..My Blog is Over the Top!

  4. Hi manang Juliana? Kumusta kayon ngay? Tatta ak laeng nakabisita gamin napan kami diay Pilipinas. So i’m sorry I’m not updated here. Out of my curiosity, could you please give me the link or this blogger na copycat? Thanks!

    Debbie 🙂

  5. tsk tsk tsk oh my! grabe namn…PPP really has to do something about it…kakaasar ha! hmph!

    ingat friend! how’s the investigation going on with ur case? does it look promising ba? i hope pra matigil na yang i said..di nakaktuwa…heheh 🙂

    Sheila 🙂

  6. @ Suzanne

    oh yes, she’s been exposed by the other blogger whom she copied from anyway.

    what you’ll find on the above link is a screen shot of her other blog, she authors another one blog where she pasted my original post.

  7. @ Lynn

    ay naku! I hope one of her close blog buddies stumble upon that blog where they can see that screenshot. she must know that she is now exposed though, because the other blogger left a comment on her blog demanding removal of the said post kaya she changed it and she deleted that demand comment. unlike my post, it is still “live” kasi I haven’t demanded removal yet. I’m awaiting PPP’s response ulit.

  8. @ a blessed life

    looks like PPP has blocked her access sa dashboard niya. paid posts suddenly became scarce sa blogs niya.

  9. sis, i believe she’s been banned from ppp na kasi i’ve read a comment of her in her close friend’s blog complaining about her not being able to access ppp. tapos yung friend nya asked her back if she had submitted a ticket about it na. i hope she did and i hope ppp told her upfront what she did. 🙂 didn’t ppp told u about their move?

    recels last blog post..what’s up with my EC???

  10. @ recel

    ano kaya, banned for life? with all the copied articles from various sources, it is a wonder if they will ever allow her back. I don’t think she was told already by PPP, siguro denied access lang sa dashboard because the paid post she copied from me is still “live” in her blog. I’m sure, she will delete it being that she won’t get paid for it.

    PPP told me they will take care of the issue, and that she won’t get paid for the copied paid post but they didn’t specify what they will do exactly.

  11. Na screen shot mo rin yung work nya? Pang ebidenxa natin? heheheheheh! Pinay yun diba? Nakadismaya naman talaga.

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