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  1. sis, unbelievable! ba’t wala pa rin? geeez… i won’t be able to sleep na talaga. πŸ˜€ pakitingnan mo nga sa sent messages folder mo kung successfully sent ba talaga? LOL wala kasi talaga akong natanggap eh. wala naman sa spam ko. and dati naman, i always receive ur messages. huhuhu. antay nalang ako. baka bukas, pagkagising makakapasok na. na-trapik nga siguro. πŸ˜› try kong makatulog with a hope to have it na tomorrow. gosh, can’t wait na talaga! LOL

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  2. Hi Juls kumusta… Biktima ka na rin pala nito, I had an experience exactly like this. One of my paid post was copied, buti na lang at yung date that I published it was ahead of hers… Paid post din yun eh, snce then I never visit that site ever again. Kakainis noh!

  3. Aga ko noh? Hehehe….wala pa yung email…para akong si Recel di ata makakatulog…hahaha. I got the email notifying me of your reply dito but not the one kung asan yung’big reveal’….

    Have a great Thursday….I’ll be watching my inbox…hahaha….

    Oh…email me here: [just delete this email add please]…thanks much.

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  4. grabe na talaga ‘to! super unbelibaboy na talaga! LOL would you believe that i still didn’t receive it? bakeeeeeet ang tanong, and i don’t know why! pinaghirapan ko ngang makakatulog kanina hoping na pagkagising, nasa inbox ko na, pero wala talaga eh. bakit kaya ganito? do you YM ba? offline mo nalang kaya, rarest_tol YM add ko. πŸ™‚ hehe… YIKES, this makes me crazy!!! LOL

    good morning nga pala dyan!

    recels last blog post..Do You Like Ethnic Products?

  5. hay nako. may friend din ako na kinopya yong whole article nya. pero ginawa namin we took a screen shots of the blog of the copycat and the blog of my friend as a proof na talagang may ginawang kababalaghan yong copycat.

    ai ang resulta binora yong article ng friend at komopya na naman ng ibang article sa ibang blog. kaya suggestion ko, screenshot mo para my proof. kahit na di whole article ang kinopya sa blog mo. kahit na pinoy yan….hala ipost para ma stop ug mga copycat.

    ai nako…talaga..kahit na mali mali english ko, bahala na basta i made my own articles…bahala na yong mga critics jan na mga perfectionists hehehe…

    o sige friend challenge ko sayo…screenshots mo yan…para my proof….

    Ma Belle

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  6. Madami talaga pasaway, kung paid post po yun dapat inireport mo. Kung minsan, reason po ang copybloggers na mareject ang opps.
    Regardless, pinapatanggal ko talaga by leaving them a comment. Ang masaklap yung mga auto content blogs, sila pa ang may PR.

  7. oh, i do care please do share this culprit… now i’m worried about my paid post. i wanna know who this person is…. that’s really one disgusting thing i’ve ever hear.. copying your paid post…. i came here through lynn’s page..

  8. hala kakatakot naman pala itong mga blogs na ito… that person should be stopped and humiliate….para di na maulit

  9. @ Bless

    I already informed PPP and they have responded already. sila na ang bahala sa kaniya. just check your email for the details.

  10. @ rose

    we’re lucky lang if we catch the culprit. this one was easy to pin down kasi PPP validated the blogs feeds and mine was written way ahead of the copycat’s. it’s really infuriating talaga. thanks for your concern.

  11. @ Kay

    you are absolutely right Kay. I don’t understand why people do this, with a high chance of getting caught. what’s even worse is that this blogger copied an article wherein she’ll get paid directly for it.

  12. @ mabelle

    thanks for your concern.

    I already did and forwarded the screen shots to PPP. they have informed me that they have already begun the process of taking care of the issue. the thing is that the copycat does not only have copied paid posts from other bloggers the blogs are also loaded with copied interim posts.

  13. @ glitch

    it’s already taken cared of. PPP will just impose the necessary action, and I was told they have now begun the process. the copied paid post is still live sa blog niya. I’m observing nga kung ano ang gagawin if that will eventually be deleted dahil kung hindi I will directly demand from the copycat removal of the said post. I guess it will be deleted eventually dahil hindi naman siya babayaran eh.

    ang masaklap pati interim posts niya kopya sa iba’t ibang sites word for word including images.

    you know what, ang katulad niya marunong talaga dahil yung WP blog niya disabled ang right clicking function. takot sa sarili niyang multo. PR 3 nga yung blogs niya.

  14. Hi Juliana.. this my first visit here, came over after curiosity aroused while reading the post Lynn wrote on her blog.. its a good thing you’ve exposed the copycat. I don’t know the person but hope he/she doesn’t repeat it, coz its a shame once her close buddies would know about it.

    I guess he/she didn’t think about it while doing it, but then, its a lesson one has to learn for their mistakes.

    Good day to you πŸ™‚

    nishas last blog post..Not having unlimited access to net feels terrible, doesn’t it?

  15. parang kilala ko yata yan ah. pr3 din yong copycat sa blog ng friend ko. may link ako pero paki-edit naman before approving kasi ayoko kong maging controversial. eto ba?

    pr3 din to. pero wala naman ec tong blogger nato. at saka di naman pinay or pinoy siguro to. parang taga ibang nasud hehehe. ito yong copycat sa paid post ng friend ko. may screenshot pa nga ako sa post ng friend ko at saka post nya. i’ll post it later sa blog ko pero i will edit it bago ko ipost. yon bang walang bakas kung asa galing hehehe.

    nwys, ai nako wag talaga syag mangopya sa paid post ko or fillers ko kasi nako GUAVA ENGLISH lahat. in other words bisayang gienglish ba. aroy na lang. pero if magcopy ang copy sa mga articles at least feel ko na honored ako harharhar.

    nwys, thanks for editing my comment ha…..ayoko ko kasing controversial si ME kasi mahirap na. naghiraphirap na nga ako sa pagtagalog tapos maghiraphirap pa akong pagmaging controversial ako. hehehe…thanks talaga…mwah….

    God bless!

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  16. Hi Juliana, I really like your writing siguro kaya nagustuhan maganda ang pagkakasulat. pwede ba malaman ang site para mabisita he he he…

  17. How awful! I agree with your comment about flattery. Who is flattered by theft of their property?
    Thanks for the heads up. I am sorry for the infringement.
    Take heart, your blog is delightful. Its envy and poor morals.

  18. @ nisha

    thanks so much for your concern and for dropping by. yeah, hope this person learns a big lesson and stop this bad habit.

    have a great mother’s day!

  19. @ mabelle

    watch out for the details I sent your way.

    btw, I can’t access the link that you gave me, as I got a message that it’s no longer in existent.

    you’re funny, yung ibang words mo di ko maintindihan. I can’t understand nor speak bisaya kasi.

    enjoy your mother’s day!

  20. @ Dhoy

    thanks so much for dropping by and for appreciating.

    watch out for a separate email for the details.

    have a great mother’s day!

  21. @ Juliana

    hindi, walang bunot na naganap. so thankful about that but I really have to watch out what I eat dahil pag naulit, there is no way but to extract.

    enjoy your Mommy weekend!

  22. thanks na funny ako. funny din face ko hehehe. ai nako sowi kala ko bisaya ka rin. buti nga na di ka bisaya baka u’ll b like me merong guava english
    (oi ako lang yong may guava english ha hmmm). nwys, binutingting ko kasi yong link. naging controversial pa akong ngayon hehehe.

    parang magkaiba yata exp mo at sa fwend ko. basta etong copycat talagang whole article din. na ipost ko sa blog ko yong proof pero edited na yong colors para di halata kung sinong fwend ko na to. yong copyblogger nya, hay nako talagang until now copyblogger pa rin. lahat ng paid post kinopya kung saan saan. pero di to pinay or pinoy. ewan taga ibang planet siguro to. nwys, i checked it again sa copyscape yong paid post nya, puro may kaparehas.

    pero bahala sya sa buhay nya.

    thanks for approving my funny comments just like my face harharhar! o sya sya…tulog na me kasi hating gabi na. para pa akong momo toloy gising para makichika hayyy buhay parang life! hehehehe!

  23. di pa po narereveal kung sino, email mo naman po ako kung sino. Naiintriga ako. May alam din ako na di lang PPP ang copy. Screenshot lang ok na, wag po siya ilink, sisikat pa siya. ahek!

    glitchs last blog post..PDF Or RGO?

  24. @ mabelle

    hey, I haven’t even seen a picture of you kaya di ko pa alam yun hehe.

    btw, did you get the emailed detail sa tanong mo?

  25. Hello there!

    Walanghiya namang yang kumukupya lang for a paid post. tsk tsk tsk! Pwede ba yan dalhin sa Siquijor ang blog niya para ipakulam.hahhahahahahah!

    That is not at all fair. Naku ha! Dapat doon awayin at isumbong doon sa site which offered the opps.

    Take care kabayan and Happy mothers’ day from the Phil.mwa!

  26. @ rosilie

    it’s very unfair but I think there are just dumb parasites around here. kung pwede nga lang ipadala nga sa Siquijor hehe.

    I already did what is needed to alert the blogging company. thanks for your concern.

    oh that was nice to get a mother’s day greet. I wished I was a Mom, but I haven’t been that lucky to be blessed with a little one. thanks, anyway. have a great week ahead.

  27. Hi Mommy Juliana,
    Ay this is bad. I agree nobody loves a copycat. This happened to someone I know before, not only the whole post was copied but also the photos…as in..good thing it wasn’t a paid post. Good thing you found out about it. Ang hirap talaga ano people like those exist in the blogsphere. Haay… the worst is paid post pa talaga.
    Thanks for sharing about this. I’ve read about this sa blog ni Lynn. Have a great wednesday ^_^

    Twinkss last blog post..The Blogger Award

  28. @ Twinks

    thanks for your concern. it’s really sad that there are people like this blogger who wants to make money out of someone’s’s like a demon behind an angelic persona. kaya, it’s good to be on the look out for people like this. you’ll never know, you can be the next victim.

    oh, and by the way, that was nice of you calling me Mommy. I wished I was!!!! but I have been unlucky in that department.

  29. @ catsy

    she also copied from this blogger, but the post she copied from me is pasted on her other blog. dalawa ang blogs niya.

  30. @ anne

    I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed once you get to know who this person is because she is on your friend’s link list on your blog.

    however, if you insist, go and visit . the plagiarist copied from the above mentioned blog, and she also did on this blog which she pasted on her second blog.

  31. I am not shocked since I’ve been a victim of plagiarism twice. It was some blogger from India. What’s shocking is that it is a kababayan who did it, it’s sad. When it happened to me, I posted screen shots of both my post and his post and reported him to ReviewMe. They suspended his account but I’m sure he’s writing for other companies too. I think outing this blogger is a good idea so people will know what kind of blogger he or she is, a cheat.

  32. @ Babette

    I’m sorry to hear this. I know how that feels, it’s infuriating. I swear, I could have skinned her alive right at that moment when I first discovered it.

    The paid blogging company is on top of the situation, and I was given the assurance for the maximum punishment πŸ™‚

    Thanks for dropping by.

  33. I haven’t been doing EC drops in a week or so now so I haven’t been in the know of what’s going on around the net, till I got a call from my bff blogger about this incident. Though this one is really not shocking anymore, it is however still unforgivable.

    It is very unfair for some people to earn out of other people’s hardwork. It is a very unprofessional and irresponsible act. I couldn’t believe it when I learned who that blogger was, I wouldn’t suspect she’s capable of doing it.

    I should better be vigilant from now on too. Thanks for sharing this Juliana.

    Miras last blog post..Photo Hunt # 17 & 18 – Painted & Plastic

  34. @ Mira

    thanks for sharing your thoughts. my ordeal begun two hours after I wrote the paid post, and I saw my own work on someone else’s site. it has been almost one month since it happened and I kept it for a while until I heard from PPP. In fact, I just got the very last final resolution from them but there is still one pending issue which they will have to get back to me on.

    oh, and I’m not her only victim, there is one more blogger that she victimized. I’m not sure if you know about it. He exposed her on his blog.

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