Easy And Hearty Lunch

When I’m alone for lunch every day of the week while husband is at work, I whip up the easiest lunch menu that I can think of. I have no restrictions when I’m alone, because the ‘pescetarian wanna-be’ husband is not around to be catered to. He is trying to embrace pescetarianism alright, but he is not quite there yet.

Watermelon and medjool dates smoothie is an easy, two ingredient drink so it is perfect.
watermelon juice

Baked zucchini garnished with parmigiano-reggiano and parsley plus boiled Japanese yam (with ceylon cinnamon on top) rounds up the meal.

roasted zucchini

roasted zucchini & steamed yam

In the old days, this kind of meal was unthinkable. But I’m used to it now. It’s now the norm and even with a husband who is a self confessed food lover complies with. Otherwise, he’s going to go hungry (lol).

It’s In The Toppings

It’s no secret that I’m a Red Mango ‘fanaddict’. Whenever I get the chance, even in the middle of the winter, Red Mango is always a prime choice to go to. I figure, it’s a better alternative to the typical coffee shop, pastry/bakeshop or fastfood restos that abound in every corner of the universe.
red mango

I just have one issue though. I have yet to find a Red Mango that is really close to home. My husband and I have tried several frozen yogurt places around the vicinity but nothing comes close to the variety and freshness of toppings that Red Mango offers. If you are frozen yogurt fan, do you prefer a specific place too?

Just by looking at these cups, I’m sure you have an idea which cup is mine :-)

red mango

red mango

Macadamia Soap

I love Macadamia nuts especially if it’s coated with dark chocolate. But who would have known, I would also love Macadamia nuts made into body soap.

Thanks to my friend who brought back these body soap from Brazil.

macadamia soap

macadamia soap

macadamia soap

macadamia soap

It lathers great with mild scent. But most of all, it leaves your skinĀ  silky and smooth, no lotion required.

Now, I have to figure out where to get these soap. I already ran out of my inventory. If I wait for my friend’s next visit here in new York, that won’t be till summer of 2015. And that is way too long.